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- Who Are We?
- We work as a team
- Our cutting edge
- Our people
- Confidentiality guarantee

Who Are We?

The senior translators of the top translation centers in Egypt joined forces to provide you with top-notch translation services.
WE DO NOT "TRANSLATE" YOUR WORK, but rather give you the "Target language version" of your text.
The question is not: "How do you say that in…" but: "how would it have been said, had it been originally said in…".

We work as a team

Our extraordinarily talented staff, well versed in diverse fields, is the pillar of our success. Through them and our unrivaled data entry and computer personnel, we are able to provide our customers with comprehensive translation, unique desktop publishing, and special formatting services. We can flare up your work or add an artistic angle to your brochure.

In addition to a number of experienced freelance translators, we are establishing collaboration links on consultation bases with other international translation agencies throughout the world.

Our cutting edge

• Our motto is promptness, precision, and delivery on time.
• Seeking supremacy and perfection is our driving force.
• We are particularly interested in giving you an accurate and articulate rendering of your text.
• Translation is carried out by a number of specialized translators and carefully revised by an editor or more according to the size and area of the translation.
• Our talented computer and data entry personnel, with keen eyes for detail and page layout will give your documents a professional edge and make your work stand out.
• You can deliver, fax, or e-mail your work. 


Our People

Legal/Contracts Translation Department
Department Manager: Dr. Moustafa T. Elkerdany
Former Vice President and Public Relations Manager of Repsol Oil Company, Egypt
Former Vice President and Project Manager of Conoco Oil Company, Egypt

Handled all the legal contracts and documents between both companies and the Egyptian Government (represented by EGPC) for more than 20 years.

Economic/Financial Translation Department
Department Manger: Sherifa M. Elkerdany
Has a life-long passion for stock markets
Attended a course on "Securities and Stock Market Investment"
Attended a seminar held by "Investors on Line" on "Investing in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)"
Studied and participated in many on-line stock market investment clubs.
Very well read on stock market related subjects.
Handled countless number of economic/financial translations of all kinds for numerous national and international companies.

Computer and IT Translation Department
Department Manager: Enas El Wakeel
Long experience in translating computer and IT texts and web sites.
Translator of many published books on various software related subjects for top publishing houses

Technical Translation Department
Technical Advisors: Bahaa El Bakry, Constructions
                              Ahmed Othman, Power Plants
Extensive experience in translating technical texts, catalogues, user manuals, bills of quantity, supply lists, technical standards, quotations, and technical specifications … etc.

Medical and Healthcare Translation Department
Department Manager: Dr. Akmal Elerian,
Consultant in General Surgery Former Defense Medical Attaché, Egyptian Embassy – London Besides his outstanding knowledge of syntax and rhetoric, he has extensive experience in translating and editing books, reports, periodicals, and documents in different fields of Medicine and Healthcare. He handled various translation tasks for the Ministry of Health and population, The Ministry of Defense and Military Production, USAID Projects, Egyptian Embassy in London, and the ERTU "Medical Channels".

General Translation Department
Department manager: Wessam Ahmed
Magazines and newspapers articles, business letters, non fiction books in all fields, certificates, political documents, press releases, literatures, publications, advertisements, newsletters, …etc.

Translated many books, researches, and training courses for international hotels, Egyptian ministries, and governmental hospitals. She also translated conference materials for Health & Population Conference, El-Janadreya Festival (Saudi Arabia) and others.

And Our Staff Members

Hend El-Sayed Hussein
Project Manager and Coordinator
Handled translation jobs for a number of international companies and agencies. She also translated many catalogues and user manuals of many popular and widely sold electric appliances and devices for international brands.

Heba El-Ghayesh
Translator and Editor
An official translator in a high profile ministry.
Former translator for the ART channels.
Translated many books in health care and macrobiotic fields. Handled translation jobs for many national and international companies through some of the top translation centers in Egypt.

Neama Fadl Allah
Translator & Editor

Specialized in NGOs, development projects, and social environment

Computer and Data Entry Department:

Department Manager: Abdel Akher Othman
Computer and graphics services supervisor: Abdel Rahman Bahaa

Confidentiality and non-disclosure guarantee: Top Notch, the International Bureau of Allied Translators, its staff, partners, and associates hereby guarantee the confidentiality and non-disclosure of any documents or information submitted or disclosed thereto in the course of business.